Red Scientific: Specializing in Attention Management and Technology-Induced Distraction in Automotive Contexts

We bring our cutting-edge expertise in cognitive psychology to the legal arena, offering expert testimony in vehicle crash cases where driver attention is a pivotal factor. Our services are uniquely tailored to address the complexities of attention management in automated vehicles, as well as distractions arising from both built-in and personal technology used by drivers.

Under the expert guidance of Dr. Joel Cooper, our approach is informed by extensive research and practical insights into how driver behavior is influenced by various technologies. We specialize in dissecting cases involving:

  • Automated Vehicle Attention Management: Analyzing how automated vehicle features impact driver engagement, including issues of disengagement and boredom, especially in semi-autonomous driving scenarios.
  • In-Vehicle Technology Distraction: Providing expertise on how integrated vehicle technologies, such as infotainment systems, affect driver focus and reaction times.
  • Personal Technology-Induced Distraction: Examining the role of personal devices brought into the vehicle, like smartphones, in contributing to driver distraction and subsequent vehicle crashes.

Our goal is to offer clear, authoritative insights that clarify the role of driver attention in vehicular accidents. We are dedicated to aiding legal teams in understanding and articulating the psychological factors at play in such scenarios, ensuring that the nuances of driver attention and technology use are accurately represented in legal proceedings.

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