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Red Scientific: Cognitive Psychology Tools, Research, and Expert Testimony

Research Tools for Driver Behavior Analysis Red Scientific, founded in 2015 by Dr. Joel Cooper, develops tools for analyzing driver behavior through the lens of cognitive psychology. Key products include the Detection Response Task (ISO 17488) and the Visual Occlusion Technique (ISO 16673). These tools are utilized by various organizations to gather accurate data on driver attention and response patterns.

Advanced Research in Driver Attention Our research focuses on understanding driver attention, particularly in relation to automated vehicle technology and the effects of both in-vehicle and external technologies. The goal is to provide clear and objective findings that contribute to the field of cognitive psychology and offer insights into driver attention management.

Expert Witness Services in Driver Attention Cases In addition to research and tool development, Red Scientific provides expert witness services for legal cases concerning driver attention. Utilizing our background in cognitive psychology, we analyze and provide testimony on aspects like driver distraction and the implications of automated vehicle technology. Our approach is to offer precise, research-backed insights for use in legal settings.

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